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Emma is an extremely Cute Blonde Teeny Escort Frankfurt. Most men opt for young escorts, believing that they are more athletic, more energetic, and just basically full of more life. This Teen Escort Emma is exactly that and lot more. Due to her young age, her perspective on life is still an innocent one, and she herself is full of innocence and pureness that drives deep down from her core. Since she started working with Bloom Escort, she has immediately become a favorite among many clients. Her naïve and cute look are what attracts most men.

Her natural boobs are perfectly shaped, and her slim figure makes her more appealing. She is truly an eye candy, and a head turner. If you were to be seen with her in public, it safe to say that you will make many guys envy you. Being with her gives high sense of achievement to men. More importantly, just the fact that you can actually make love to such a Cute Blonde Teeny Escort Frankfurt, should make blow your minds. This is the kind of girl that you see celebrities dating. Not only that but her beauty often attracts people from the Elite class of the society, and if you want to experience or be a part of that elite club then Emma is the angel you need by your side.

Now Emma no doubt is cute, but she despite her cuteness doesn’t mind getting a little rough and nasty. If you are looking for sweaty, and exhilarating sex then trust us when we say that you are in the right hands. Because she knows how to crank your lust up, and with her perfection, sex will only feel better.

Info :

Name : Emma

Age : 23

Size : 30BB

Location : Frankfurt

Height : 5.7 ft

Weight : 48kg

Eye color : Brown

Languages: German, English and Italian

Rates :

  • 1 Hour : 200 Outcall
  • 2 Hour’s : 380 Outcall
  • 3 Hour’s : 560 Outcall
  • 4 Hour’s : 740 Outcall
  • 6 Hour’s : 1000 Outcall
  • 8 Hour’s : €1200 Outcall

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