Get Kinky with Emily

Emily is the Slim German Escort Lady that has a perfect waist that men love to hold. We know that you want a Petite Escort that you can easily hold, carry, or pick up while making love to. Emily and her model weight is the perfect companion to try various sexual moves with. In addition to that she is the Blonde Escort that many men come to Germany for. When they think of German girls, they imagine a blonde beauty that is beyond pretty. Thus, if you are looking for a typical German girl, then Rumors Escort is presenting Emily.

She also has a naughty side that is just waiting to be explored, as there is a naughtiness in her brown eyes that anyone can clearly see. She knows how to channel her naughty nature into sex, creating some spectacular sights to see when under the sheets. In addition to that, she knows how to arouse and tease men, this attitude is quite prominent in her, and can be seen clearly by the ways she moves, walks, and talks. Also, she having an extrovert personality that comes in handy when clients are kind of shy, is excellent choice for them. She easily can make them comfortable, and enjoy the moment at hand.  Not only that, her knowledge about movies and the pop culture makes her fun person to be around with. As she can find an interesting and similar ground to talk to her clients with. Making her the perfect woman to bond with. This Slim German Escort Lady is extremely popular among young people, as she fits right in with them. Her being a free spirited person makes her an amazing companion to take on a date. Try Emily, and take her on an ideal date.

Info :

Name : Emily

Age : 27

Size : 32BB

Location : Frankfurt

Height : 6.2 ft

Weight : 48kg

Eye color : Brown

Languages: German, English and Italian

Rates :

  • 1 Hour : 200 Outcall
  • 2 Hour’s : 380 Outcall
  • 3 Hour’s : 560 Outcall
  • 4 Hour’s : 740 Outcall
  • 6 Hour’s : 1000 Outcall
  • 8 Hour’s : €1200 Outcall



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